Buyout Loan

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Buyout Loan or Debt Consolidation in UAE

Consolidate all your loans and credit cards into one easy monthly installment through applying a Buyout Loan in UAE. All expats and UAE National may apply for a debt consolidation. Easy availability upto 20 multiples of Salary.

Top Bank to provide Buyout Loans in UAE

ADCB BankRak BankEmirates Islamic BankENBD Bank

Credit Bureau in UAE

Al Etihad Credit Bureau has been established in UAE to collect credit account information including the original amount of a loan, the credit limit on a credit card, the balance on a credit card or other loan, and the payment status of the account. This credit report reveals whether you are a good borrower or a bad borrower. Banks will have access to an individual’s payment history and current loans status.

The reports will help banks approve or reject requests for credit. Those with a poor repayment history could be declined a loan, even if they have the capacity to pay.