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Sales profession are always been measured by targets. Banking Sales in UAE is considered as one of the high remunerative job profile and for a sustainable career in this field, performance matters. Generating sales leads is a key part of having a successful sales career. We Uae Cash Loans, focus on to generating qualified Personal Loan leads to assist our associated or subscribed bankers achieve maximum conversions and earn more incentives. At present we are generating Personal Loan Leads and Credit Card Leads through all our marketing channels to serve our subscribed bankers and we are looking forward to generate leads soon for the other banking segments as well.

Why Choose Our Services?

One Bank One Agent

Our Lead distribution strictly adhere One Bank One Agent policy to ensure  each Banker get the best results or conversions out of our Lead Services.

Private Logins

We equip our Banker with Private Logins to access the Live Leads services and to restrict any  illegal Lead Sharing to other platforms.

Quality Leads

We keep on focus to generate Quality and verified Leads. Lead quality is a prime factor that allows our Banker to identify how likely the prospects are to become a conversion.

High Volume Leads

Our consistent efforts are to deliver maximum number of leads though all channel of advertisements available in the market. High Quantity ensure high probability of conversions.

Lead Monitoring

We keep monitoring the use of Leads by every Banker, on regular basis, to avoid illegal lead sharing to any other individual or organization. 

24x7 Support

We have an excellent support team to assist through mails and messages, whenever our Bankers need help. Good service truly matters to us.

Our Associated Bankers

We are driven to serve our associated Bankers in best possible way.. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting relationships with our Bankers built on trust and mutual respect.

Our associated Bankers are from all the major Banks and Financial Institutions in United Arab Emirates.


Satisfied Bankers

  • We strictly adhere One Bank One Agent Policy, i.e we keep only One agent from each bank at a time.
  • Registrations are  completely based on Slot availability and first come first serve basis.
  • Registrations will be successful upon receiving Payment Receipt and proper proof of identity of personal and for the bank working for, i.e Emirates ID, Bank ID and Visiting Card (All are mandatory).
  • No leads will be shared on any personal email id’s, i.e we will be providing separate logins for accessing the Leads.
  • We strictly monitor lead sharing on regular intervals, any violation will be considered as fraud and  will lead to service termination with no refund.

For any further query feel free to mail us at info[at]

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