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Loan Settlement

Loan Settlement is settling of your Debts in less than what you owe to the creditor/banker or other financial institution also lnow as Debt settlement in UAE. Loan Settlement amount is a ‘negotiated’ amount less than the total debt amount, which has been agreed upon to be paid by the debtor (you) to the creditor (bank/institution) and is to be considered as the final payment towards the loan/debt.

Here, it is important to note that the amount to be paid by you is decided at the sole discretion of the bank, which varies from case to case.

How does it work?

Loan Settlement is a legal way to come out of your financial burden. An agreement is made between debtor (you) and the creditor (bank) usually with help of a third party who mediated the entire process. Hence, it is important to take services of an expert to get the best. By paying a minimal fee, they guide you with the complete process and help you save a lot of time and money. APPLY NOW

Is Debt Settlement a Good Idea?

Yes & No. As it have its pros & cons.

If you have not been paying your installments in time and/or struggling with bad credit history and credit score. A definite YES! There is a concept of Debt Consolidation, which means rather than paying separate installments for each, you can combine all your liabilities into one to pay 1 monthly installment for all. But this again requires a fair credit history and score which in case of non-payment or untimely payment of your installments in past, is not possible.

As in debt settlement, your debts are not paid in full; it definitely impacts your credit score. It may take some time for you to re-build your credit score and be eligible for loans in future. But again, under expert guidance, this as well can be achieved in a reasonable time.

To quickly come out of your debt burden with a Bad Credit Score and history, Debt Settlement is the best solution. APPLY NOW

A lot of times, it is not that we purposely miss out on paying our installments, but we forget the dates. This usually happens when we have multiple debts (loans and/or cards) from same/different banks having different payment dates. Debt Consolidation helps you to smartly tackle this situation and live stress free!

We are here to help you consolidate your multiple liabilities and also to better your credit/AECB score!

It is advised to make your debt re-payments regularly and maintain a good credit/AECB score. However, we understand there are times, when in-spite of trying your best, there are situations that make you lose control over your debt re-payments. With a fixed amount getting deducted every month from your income, it gets extremely difficult to manage when you encounter a financial crisis leading you to miss out on your monthly payments which later hits your credit score badly. This makes it nearly impossible to fetch you a loan in future. DON’T LOSE HOPE. There is STILL TIME!!

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