Salary Transfer Loan

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Salary Transfer Loan in UAE

Salary Transfer Loan is considered as a secured Loan in UAE, as the applicant need to transfer his/her Salary to the Lending Bank to avail any Loan services. A Salary Transfer Loan gives you a priviledge to avail high volume of Loan amount i.e upto 20 multiples of your salary at a lower Interest Rate in comparison to Non Salary Transfer Loan where the Interest Rate is charged is quite high. Transferring you salary to lending bank also gives you other benefits like Pre approved Credit Cards, Over Draft facilities and much more.

Top Bank to provide Salary Transfer Loans in UAE

ADCB BankRak BankEmirates Islamic BankENBD Bank

Documents Needed to Apply for a Salary Transfer Loan

  • KYC Documents [ Passport Copy, Visa Copy and Emirates ID Copy ].

  • Salary Certificate.

  • 3 to 6 Month Salary Account Statement.

  • Salary Transfer Letter addressed to Lending Bank.