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Personal Loan in DubaiSalary Transfer Loan

Salary Transfer Loan is considered as a secured Personal Loan in Dubai. In Salary Transfer Loan the applicant needs to transfer his/her Salary to the Lending Bank to avail any Loan services. It gives you a privilege to avail high volume of Loan amount i.e up to 20 multiples of your salary at a lower Interest Rate in comparison to Loan without any salary transfer where the Interest Rate charged is quite high.

Transferring you salary to lending bank for loan in Dubai also gives you other benefits like Pre-approved Credit Cards, Over Draft facilities and much more. Salary Transfer reduces the risk factor for the bank to lend and hence there are more chances of getting your loan approved.

Mostly Personal loan in Dubai with salary transfer are designed for the people working under approved list of companies by the bank. However there are few banks who offer Non Salary Transfer Loans also.

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We at Uae Cash Loans focus to help you choosing the right personal loan in Dubai, that suits your need & simultaneously save a lot of money & time. Applying for a Personal loan in Dubai with us, gives you an opportunity to connect with Bankers across all the major banks in UAE.

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Its a Credit facility where a contract is been signed to transfer applicant salary to the lending bank until the applicant payoff the total outstanding.

It is not mandatory to transfer your salary to avail loan but Salary Transfer Loan is quite cheaper at interest rates in comparison to Non Salary Transfer Loan.

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