Indian, Pakistani expats bond over a rescued cat in Dubai – News

Dubai residents Aparna Ghildiyal and Sumera Azim – Indian and Pakistani expats respectively – met via a social media page when Aparna had put a post to help her foster a rescued cat and Sumera responded to it.

“It was our love of cats and also spirituality that got us talking. We got along like a house on fire and Sumera would come very often to my place to see the cat and that’s how our friendship took off. We also realised that both of us were part of the same meditation institute with me being part of the Indian Chapter and she in the Pakistani chapter.

“She is one of the sweetest friends I have here from Pakistan. I have had colleagues from Pakistan and I always felt that there is so much similar between the people of India and Pakistan. I realised that it’s only politicians of the two countries who create this divide between the people,” Aparna added.

Echoing the same sentiments, Sumera said: “Being an animal lover, when I saw Aparna’s post seeking help to foster a rescued cat, I responded at once. I agreed to foster the cat which she later adopted. We met more frequently during that process and bonded over the rescued cat, realising we had so much in common.”

Calling Aparna her first Indian friend, Sumera said: “Aparna is my first friend from India and I felt we are similar in so many ways. The next thing we did was make our husbands meet and see if they get along and we were glad that they did. We often hang out to have a good time and learn so much from each other.”

For both Sumera and Aparna – who have been friends for over two years now – August 14 and 15 are occasions to celebrate as they say it gives them a chance to ‘hang out’ and learn more about their cultures and countries. “For us, both Indian and Pakistani Independence days are just another reason to meet up and celebrate. It’s always a celebration when we meet, we play board games, go out, play with our cat and laugh together. It is non-stop two days of celebrations for us on August 14 and 15,” Sumera added.


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