How to approach your clients after COVID-19 lockdown ends

From the time COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world, countries are operating in an extremely regulated environment. When it comes to what is going on in the world today due to Covid-19 pandemic, there are two levels of disruptions when it comes to businesses. Firstly, the routine sales meets & travel and softer aspect of closing a deal, where a face-to-face discussion with client is key to iron out contours of a deal. Secondly, a reversal in demand and supply curve in various sectors.

As, there is currently no vaccine to prevent Covid-19 disease, governments have issued guidelines to be followed by everyone. The three major ones are:

  • No sneezing or coughing in open. Wear a mask. As it affects through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.
  • Washing & sanitizing of hands often. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Keep it sanitized all the other time.
  • Social Distancing. Put distance between yourself and otherpeople. Remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread virus.

How to approach your clients after COVID-19 lockdown ends

Now, when the lockdown has been lifted and companies are at the onset of re-opening of their operations, it seems to be a big challenge for every department in every sector, most importantly the sales. From a banking sales perspective it is going to be critical as it is largely dependent on face-to-face meetings. The COVID-19 pandemic could be the most serious challenge to financial institutions in nearly a century. As a sales professional, here’s what you can do strategically. Tips that you can follow to get the breakthrough:

  1. Do not open by a regular ‘Good Morning, How are you’ or ‘How are you doing’. Instead, prefer to personalize by adding a positive statement like ‘Good Morning, Hope you are doing well’. Not all situations are dealt in same way. At this time empathy and personalization can help you build a good rapport with your client/customer which will also facilitate the trust building.
  1. Make them aware that your bank or institution has adopted required safety measures and have regulated operations in a safe environment. Your colleagues and each employee at workplace is following the guidelines set by the government. Office premise is sanitized regularly. This will assure him that you are a safe contact and he can plan to give you the appointment.
  1. Let them know, visits will be done with utmost precautions. You will be wearing a mask, carrying a sanitizer and the safe distance would be maintained throughout.
  1. Get the initial documents in your e mail and check their eligibility status. Call for an appointment only if the customer is eligible. This will also save both of yours’ time and effort that might go waste upon non eligibility.
  1. In case, a signed document is mandatory for a process, check if a scanned copy or e-signature can work, or else, visit your client ensuring appropriate measures, as mentioned. This will make things convenient for both.
  1. To make the most of your visit, be completely prepared with answers to your client’s/customer’s concerns before the meeting. Make sure to carry a check list of documents to be collected or formalities to complete. This will avoid un-necessary visit later.

It is true that the time is tough and coming back on track is little challenging during this time, but it is very much possible by the way we look at it and perform. With a focused and systematic approach, you can hit the nail on the head and win the show. Remember, losers give excuses, and winners find ways to accomplish.

Published by : Uae Cash Loans Team

Published Date : 30th April 2020