29 years on, this Indo-Pak Dubai couple hasn’t changed their nationalities – News

Meet Indo-Pak couple Catherine and Theodore Dean.

They tied the knot in 1991 fighting all odds and weathering all challenges. And despite tense relations between their countries, the couple’s bond has only grown stronger with each passing day. 

Meet Indo-Pak couple Catherine and Theodore Dean.

Catherine, who is from Bengaluru India, and Theodore, who hails from Karachi, Pakistan haven’t changed their nationalities till date. The couple is living happily in their “safe haven” Dubai with their three sons – who are all Pakistanis.

Love blossomed between the two when they met at a bus stop in Karama from where they boarded their school bus. After a courtship of almost five years, they got married with the consent of their parents – after much persuasion.

“It takes a lot of commitment, sacrifice and patience initially to make things fall into place but as they say ‘love conquers it all’, we were able to break down barriers through our marriage.

We have inculcated the values of love, unity and celebration of the culture of both the countries in our kids. We both have visited each other’s countries several times,” Catherine said.

She added: “We wish our countries would also put their tumultuous past behind and focus on the affinities and things we have in common: be it language, food, culture or entertainment. My husband never asked me to give up my nationality and vice versa and we respect and love our respective countries.”

Catherine said she never felt any different than a Pakistani when she visited her husband’s place in Karachi and her husband felt the same way when he visited her native place Bengaluru in India.

“My sons – Joshua, Daniel and Riane – who hold Pakistani nationality – loved visiting India but due to political tensions between India and Pakistan they could not visit India a second time, which is sad. However, we see to it that these political skirmishes don’t dampen their love for both the countries and we celebrate the independence days of both India and Pakistan with great enthusiasm.”

“Previously, we would go to Indian and Pakistani restaurants on their respective Independence days. But this year, we will celebrate by staying at home. I cooked a hearty Pakistani breakfast on Friday, and will prepare an elaborate Indian meal on Saturday,” Catherine said.



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