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Credit Card in DubaiTop credit card offers in UAE

A credit card is a plastic card with a magnetic stripe that holds a machine-readable code issued by a bank allowing the cardholder to purchase goods or services on credit. The card issuer (usually a bank) creates a revolving account and grants a line of credit to the cardholder, from which the cardholder can borrow money for payment to a merchant or as a cash advance. As long as you pay back the money you borrowed within the “grace period”, you don’t have to pay extra. If you don’t pay it back in that time period, you’ll have to pay interest — a percentage of the money you owe the bank — on top of what you borrowed. Credit cards are a convenient substitute for cash and an essential component of electronic commerce and internet commerce.

A Credit Card in Dubai is considered as a short-term loan facility for your daily life purchases on an agreed time frame of repayment with applicable Interest or charges. A Credit Card in Dubai gives you purchasing power at any time. It comes up with a wide range of benefits that suits your all kind of needs or requirements. Credit Card in Dubai gives you the freedom of big-ticket size purchase and pay back into small installments. It showers you with Reward points, Cash-Backs, Discount Offers, and much more to enrich your daily lifestyle.

Features and Benefits of Credit Card in Dubai

There is a list of benefits to opting for a Credit Card in Dubai:

Convenience: Credit cards can save you time and trouble–no searching for an ATM or keeping cash on hand. If you are making a large purchase, it can be convenient to use a credit card.

Global Acceptance: If you are traveling overseas, then having a credit card can be a safer way to travel & make purchases. Not all debit cards are universally accepted, whereas credit cards have near-universal acceptance around the world.

Building Credit: If you have no credit or are trying to improve your credit score, using a credit card responsibly will help your credit score because credit card companies will report your payment activity to the credit bureaus.

Eligibility for a Credit Card in Dubai

Minimum fixed income of AED 5,000.

Minimum age of the applicant should be 21.

Good and healthy Credit Score or Credit History.

Salary transfer not Mandatory.

Documents for a Credit Card in Dubai

KYC Documents – Passport and Visa Copy, Emirates ID.

Income Proof – Salary Certificate or Payslips.

Latest 3-6 Months Bank statement.

Additional documents if any at bank discretion.

List of Top Credit Cards available in UAE

Bank NameCredit CardMinimum Salary (AED)Annual Fee (AED)
Emirates NBD ENBD Lulu Mastercard Titanium Credit Card 5,000 Free For Life
ADIB BankADIB Cashback Platinum Credit Card 5,000 Free For Life
CBDCBD One Visa Signature Credit Card 8,000390
ADIBADIB Dana Master Card 8,000 299
Citibank UAEEmirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card 18,000800
FABFAB Cashback Credit Card 5,000 315
DeemDeem Platinum Cash Up Credit Card 10,000Free for Life
HSBC Middle EastHSBC Zero Credit Card 5,000Free for Life
NajmNajm Voyager Signature Credit Card 12,000524
RAkRAKBANK Titanium Credit Card 10,000Free for Life
Citibank UAECiti Premier Credit Card 15,000Free for Life
Emirates NBDEmirates NBD Diners Club Credit Card 10,000400
HSBC Middle EastHSBC Cashback Credit Card 5,000313
Emirates Islamic BankEmirates Islamic Cashback Plus Card 5,000299
ADCBADCB Simplylife Cashback Credit Card 5,000Free for Life
Emirates NBDEmirates NBD Go4it Credit Card 6,000Free for Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cashback credit card in UAE?

The Cashback Credit Card is a Reward Program run by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is reimbursed to the credit cardholder in the form of Cashback.

What is a Reward Point Credit Card in UAE?

Reward point credit cards depend on how much you spend. For example, you earn points for every dirham you spend through your credit card.  These points are often exchanged for airline tickets, gift vouchers, merchandise, or cash back.

What does a Credit Card Balance Transfer mean?

Balance Transfer is a credit card feature that allows you to pay off debt faster by transferring the outstanding balance of an existing credit card to a new card with a lower interest rate.

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

When you make a purchase using your Debit card it draws money directly from your bank account, whereas when a purchase is made through your Credit card it debits from your approved credit limit by the bank. When you use a credit card the bank pays the merchant, and later, when you receive your bill statement, you pay the bank with added charges and interests.

What is an Annual Fee on Credit card?

The annual fee is a yearly charge that banks and financial institutions charge for the use of their credit cards. This is a separate fee from the interest rate on purchases. Not all credit cards come with an annual fee, there are credit cards that do not charge any annual fees. Free credit cards may have fewer benefits and advantages than a credit card with annual fees.